Twitter is the Big Networking Event, Facebook is the Point of Conversion – Effective Use of Social Media Marketing

How to Convert More Leads into Buyers Using the Power of Facebook Marketing

Social Media Marketing is “the way business is done” today.  You cannot make it through the day without hearing or seeing something about Twitter or Facebook.  It goes without saying that your business marketing strategy should include the use of these high-profile networks.  Those who are most successful in business today are certainly using Social Media Marketing effectively.

We’ve been using Social Media Marketing strategies since before the strategies were given a name … Most of the profits from our business come from the effective use of Social Media Marketing… And I want to share those methods with you.

You see, Twitter rocks – but it is like a big networking event. Its loud, and perhaps a bit rowdy – and everyone is allowed in.  Lots of connections are possible, but only a few are made.  I do tweet links to my capture pages occasionally – but leads are rarely generated there.

On the other hand, Facebook is like the private party after the event – or the hallway outside. Where you can actually ‘hear’ and get to know the person you may do business with.  Facebook is where the deal is made. Facebook is the point of conversion.

So how do you make the best use of this knowledge? Ask your Twitter followers to friend you on Facebook. Its bound to come up naturally. Even more powerful – add your prospects as Facebook friends!  No matter where the lead was generated, add them as a friend on Facebook.

I promise you ~ just doing that one thing will get you more results in business ~ as long as you are being authentic and YOU in your marketing in Facebook. No one ever said to spam your friends… OK?

By the way… are we FB friends?

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  1. says

    I actually converted a facebook friend recently, and I have to say it had everything to do with the webinar training you did about facebook that created that conversion for me. I simply changed one thing that I was doing, and have been connecting with people like crazy. Thanks so much! I always learn so much from you!


  2. says

    I think social media is here to stay. I believe though, there must be strategy and I believe you have one. Understanding how to get the best from your networks is essential so it does not drag.

  3. Melanie Milletics says

    You, my friend, are one of the best students of the industry – ever! You consistently learn and apply with full faith that it will work for you too – and it always does. Love ya!

    Strategy is key, else you end up living in Social Media instead of real life. Our businesses are meant to help us to live a life by design, not take over our lives!

  4. Melanie Milletics says

    Awesome Makena,
    Now – go get an account at so your pretty face shows up on my blog!

  5. says

    You are so right Melanie, today you cannot even turn on the TV news without being asked to follow them on Twitter and Facebook.

    Your analogy was great (as always), Twitter is the big blow-out party with anything goes , but for the serious marketer…they will find that ‘Facebook hallway’ to get that point of conversion!

    You have talked about using these sites for a while now and I have been. Recently though Facebook has been a big part of my marketing, which a lot of it I learned from watching you…SO MANY THANKS!


  6. says

    Hey there Melanie! It was super nice reading this post. I think I wrote it in less than 160 characters but certainly you have done it with class and style.

    …”as long as you are being authentic and YOU”… That’s the Key Factor.

    I’m adding you on FB. We better follow good advice fast :)

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