Facebook PPC How To Generate 50+ Leads a Day Using Sponsored Stories on Facebook

Is it possible to get 50 leads a DAY with Facebook Sponsored Stories PPC?

Facebook hit 1 Billion+ users a couple of months 
ago. (Yes, that's a ‘B!’)

How would you like to siphon just a smidgen of those 
people into your lead funnel?

I know I would!

Luckily, Facebook has made it pretty easy for 
marketers like you and me to advertise to 1/7th of 
the world’s population.

Most people know about Facebook’s regular pay-per- click ads 
that are always sitting on the right-hand side. 

But there are some other nifty advertising widgets
and gadgets Facebook provides that you might not be
as familiar with. 

Take “Sponsored Stories” for example.

Even though they've been around for a while, (and 
there's been a big lawsuit about them!) not many 
people are fully utilizing these stealthy little 

And I'm guessing that the biggest reason most 
marketers aren't using Sponsored Stories to their 
full potential is because it’s a wee bit confusing 
trying to learn about them directly from Facebook,
or even just surfing the web. 

If you research Sponsored Stories on Facebook, you'll 
find a boatload of awkward terms and vague language 
about how Sponsored Stories will increase your...

"brand lift" and
"likeliness to recommend."

I'm confused already.

I don't know about you, but I'm running a business
and in business we need hard numbers (not vague 
concepts like “likeliness to recommend”).

That's why I like learning from Rich Hazlett.

He's been successfully advertising on Facebook for
a long time and has never been slapped or kicked 
off like many marketers have.

Plus, Rich has the goods (aka, numbers).

He's been testing Sponsored Stories recently
and has been getting 2,200% MORE clicks than he
has been with the regular PPC ads!

(Yes, that’s over 22 times as many clicks)...
If that's not enough...

The clicks he’s getting from the Sponsored Story
ads are about 400-500% *cheaper* than the regular 
PPC ads.


Just one of Rich's Sponsored Stories has already 
racked up 448 new likes and 44 shares.

In other words...

When you cut through all the fluffy language, 
Sponsored Stories can go viral big time and are 
pretty darn awesome.

But how does this translate to profits?

Well, Rich has been consistently generating 50 leads
a day through just ONE Sponsored Story for about $2-3
per lead.

Wait a minute...

50 leads a day?!

Don't know about you but I wanna pick this guy's 

That's why I'm excited to invite you to learn
these Sponsored Stories secrets from Rich himself.

Check this out - You'll be glad you made the time.

Facebook Sponsored Stories PPC Tutorials

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