The Old School Vs New School Argument is Simply Foolish. MLM Success Mastery

Integrate Internet Marketing and Relationship Marketing and you will be unusually successful in your MLM. Ignoring “Old School” methods and only embracing the “New School” is simply foolish.

I was amused to learn the words “Web 2.0″ and then later, “Attraction Marketing” . As a home based business owner who built my business using the Internet and the phone, I had been using those methods to build my business long before there were labels attached.  In fact, the coining of them was such a non-event for me that I missed an opportunity to corner those SEO terms – bummer!  The term “Attraction Marketing” is absolutely huge now and the experts abound!

Network Marketers across the world are embracing the “New School” way of building an MLM business by tapping into the millions of prospects who are online looking for ways to become financially free.  They are learning how to set up their blogs, build capture pages and how to market those sites using social media like twitter and facebook, search engine optimization and video marketing. It’s a frenzy of learning and application.  The content going up is staggering!

We’ve really done a good job of training up the competition :)

Now, I don’t really believe that there is scarcity of prospects – but there is scarcity of attention spans. And if all the “New School” Network Marketers are out there teaching “Attraction Marketing“, and posing as experts… where does that leave YOU?  If you are trying to claim your spot on the net, how will you stand out? How will you generate a lead in an environment where everyone is standing up and yelling ‘pick me, pick me’ ?

I don’t know man, I just don’t know…
maybe we’ll have to go back to the “Old School” methods of prospecting…

What are the ‘Old School’ methods, really? Does it mean making a list of your friends and family and expecting them all to be your business partners? That each and every one of them is just waiting to be an entrepreneur?  Or how about standing at the mall and accosting strangers about making extra money, doing just what you are doing?  No way, you say – that’s how you end up in the NFL. “No friends left” after you have unprofessionally approached them all with something that they weren’t asking for.

Is that really what is meant by “Old School” networking? Of course it isn’t, but its what you will hear from those who will tell you that the ‘Old School’ methods of building a MLM business are dead. They will make the offline methods sound stupid and downright degrading.  They will make it sound like you’d be a fool to follow the advice of the MLM millionaires who all built their business offline because ‘things are different now’.

Come on, do you really think things are THAT different? People are still people, and this is still a word of mouth business.

So what does “Old School” really mean, and why should you have respect for the ‘Old School” masters, instead of disdain for the term?
Its Relationship Marketing at its best.  It is listening for the needs of people and giving them an option to fill those needs. It’s connecting with people in your community who are looking for what you have to offer.

It was never, and never will be about chasing your friends and family, people!

Right now, there are people all over the world making huge money in MLM building OFFLINE, using “Old School” methods.
Right now, people are collecting six figure checks.

Are you?

If not, perhaps its time you took a look at expanding your skill set to include offline methods of building your business.
If you are really an entrepreneur with a product or service that the market is asking for – then you should have no trouble connecting with people who have a need for what you offer.

I’m an Internet Network Marketer and have been building my business online for 8 years. I generate my own leads and call my prospects after they have been exposed to the business through an online presentation. I have mad phone skills and people close themselves on my opportunity all the time.

However, I take every opportunity to look people in the eye and hand them my business card. Their attention to my website is far more valuable than the thousands of clicks I will get to this blog post. They are far more likely to take action to either become a customer, or even a distributor. Why? Because I looked them in the eye and professionally introduced what I do. I heard their need and I addressed it. They can see that I am genuine, am not at all a slimy salesperson, and if they have a desire to move forward, its on them.

My friends and family know what I do – and they are my CUSTOMERS. They aren’t entrepreneurs, and I wouldn’t prospect them for the business opportunity. But they do BUY MY STUFF!

If you are a closet entrepreneur, you are missing a huge profit zone. Get over it already and be the professional you strive to be. Introduce your product or service and let everyone know what you do.  Would a paycheck for doing so really be so bad?

There is so much more to this- pages and pages worth. But you really must know that all of the internet marketing prowess in the world is not going to make you residual millions in MLM. You simply must learn the skills of Relationship Marketing.  Your upline leader making 6 or 7 figures can tell you how to build a huge business. Listen!

By all means, learn and understand Attraction Marketing and apply those methods of lead generation. But what the heck are you going to say to those wonderful people who have asked you for more information?
Learning WordPress won’t help you with the one thing that will earn you a check – closing the prospect!

I guarantee that if you work on your offline prospecting and phone prospecting that you’ll make more money. Unless you are incredibly poorly suited for this profession, you can’t go wrong when you increase your skill set in those areas.

You can get generic Relationship Marketing training from Dani Johnson or Todd Falcone. These 2 are the real deal. I plug into the expert training from both of these MLM coaches all the time. Both of them clearly know that you must hone your prospecting and closing skill set, no matter how you generate a lead. They can both teach you how to generate endless leads offline, expose them to the opportunity, follow-up, close, duplicate, and ultimately lead a team.  And if you are generating leads online – its the same skill set! These MLM coaches know how to combine the Old School with the New School Attraction Marketing methods – and guess what? They are unusually successful!


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    This is one of the most sane articles I’ve seen in a long time. I love Jackie Ulmer and Art Jonak, because they like you are a force for getting rid of the “HYPE” that is detrimental to our great profession. Thank you for being a force for the good of the industry.


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    Dani Johnson’s Instant Customer Goldmine teaches you just what you are talking about! Amazing information and I would highly recommend it to others.

    Agnes Vigh

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    Right on Melanie. Very well said. I think we are coming full circle and people who have embraced the online model either go back to offline stuff because online can be just too much for them to grasp or they understand like many of us that a lead is a lead and its what you do with the lead that counts.

    After immersing myself in first old school and then new school although I do the majority of lead generation online because it suits me I like to think I am ‘in school.’ Many of my downline in other countries cannot even get fast internet access so to expect everyone to stop doing offline relationship marketing is just nuts!

    Integrating offline and online with proper invitation and follow up skills, using 3rd party tools so you are not the message but the messanger make both fun and rewarding to do.

    Am i right in thinking Melanie that you are being more influenced in the direction of traditional marketing now because you have joined a new company?

    Have a great day and I always enjoy your posts.

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    There’s a lot of confusion about “old school” and “new school” and what they mean. As usual, opportunists have latched onto established terms with specific meanings and distorted them for their own deceptive purposes.

    Kim Klaver coined the terms years ago, but she was referring to people’s motives, attitudes and actions — especially in terms of ethics and integrity — NOT to prospecting methods and technology.

    Visit her sites today and you’ll still see her original meanings clearly being enunciated and embraced.

    According to her original meanings, the current hijackers of her terminology clearly fall under the definition of OLD School network marketers… urgers, carpetbaggers and exploiters for the most part. Or simply ignorant.

    Well said, Melanie.


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    I personal believe that the only way you should only do online only is if you are at your computer for 7/24/365. I heard this joke about the guy that has 5000 friends on Facebook and 10000 followers on Twitter, but on Friday nights he is at home alone with his computer. You have to live you life, so it is very easy to incorporate offline marketing strategies in your everyday.

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    Refreshing article! I agree. Leaving money on the table by NOT informing your warm market is foolish. If you had a brick and morter business you would notify your friends and family and encourage them to spend their money there. It shouldn’t be any different with direct sales products.

    Good job Melanie.

    Paula McKinney

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    My Dear Lady, as usual Melanie… you nailed it again! The best of all worlds is when you can take the tried and true methods that have stood the test of time and marry them with newer methods and technologies.

    The problem with most who would try either method is their approach when it comes down to face to face, phone to phone or even email to email. Listen… ask… listen… ask… listen… listen… listen… qualify… and finally… present.

    Keep up the good work. I will always be a fan.
    Dave Carter

  8. Steve Warren says

    Hey Melanie, I needed to hear that. “Old School” really spanked me years ago and I’m much happier with the internet method now. Still, I see that I would be missing out on lots of potential customers and business partners sticking to the internet. I need to get better educated in the art of outside prospecting.

    I have heard the arguments. Better just to keep your head down.

    Hope you are well…steve

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    I actually had a whole series of trainings that I did with my last company on methods to drive traffic from offline sources to your online websites. They included ‘traditional’ methods. But YES, watching the rapid success of people in my current company using the Challenge Party method is incredibly inspiring.

    THAT is why I will always be a student, and will always LISTEN to those who have gone before me on this journey. I’ll head over to Kim’s blog and suck up some edjumacation today :)

    Dave, right on man. Why did we meet halfway between our homes? Because this will always be a people business!

    Rasul, I love those 2. How could you not?

    Have a Fab day!

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    Great article Melanie! There is no substitute for looking people in the eye and having the confidence and belief in your opportunity. I think it is smart to use and be aware of all ways to build your business, but in the end it is about developing a team of leaders to make the big bucks. Leaders have no problem sharing with anyone what they do. I too use both methods to build my business. The thing I don’t like about the “new school” folks is that it is a lot of negative talk and not a lot of results. If you are not willing to grow yourself and expand your vision of what is possible then no method will work for you long term. Closing ratios for people I meet in person vs.those I meet online do not even compare. I too will always be a student. Thanks for sharing this insightful article. This definitely is all about relationship marketing whether it is online or off. Good stuff Melanie!

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    What can I say? Once again you have taken a simple debate to a new level. Keep it coming Mel! This should be plastered all over the Internet so that EVERYONE has an opportunity to read such knowledge. I will be sharing and sharing and sharing this. Thanks for everything.

  12. Jim says

    Melanie, I am somewhat confused now. On this same site you are offering a link to Renegade Marketing and from what I can see the “web 2″ is all that they promote and teach. You sell that programme and you are also an active instructor and contributor to that site.
    There is an old saying ‘you cannot run with the fox and hunt with the hounds” it would appear to me that that is what you are doing? In fact I think that you must be one of the most active online marketeers (is there such a word?)in the business, This is not meant in a critical way because I really enjoy your emails etc, just a thought, regards Jim T.

  13. Melanie Milletics says

    I do promote the best online training for Network Marketers. If you read the Attraction Marketers Manifesto you will find her initial scenario of attraction marketing is all about her OFFLINE journey.

    My post says you must embrace both ~ its not an either/or situation.
    I take all out massive action on ALL fronts to build my business.
    I market in just about every way I can come up with.
    I also hone my prospecting/closing skill set all the time-
    and I prospect offline.

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    I think a “hybrid” model is evolving. Face to face has always worked for me but was limited in the amount of people you could expose yourself to. I love the new Attraction Marketing model in that it does expose you to more people, not only for you to offer your opportunity but also as an avenue to assist others on a much grander scale. I remember hand-writing a newsletter, copying it off and mailing it to my team, back when I got started in MLM. Technology is a blessing in that regard.

    I never would have met you and we would never have been able to send our delightful videos back and forth :-). Keep it up….Adrian

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    Awesome information as usual Melanie, you have a true gift from God and I love you for all you have helped me with to be a better person at helping others. Relationship building is what it is all about and you can not do it without picking up the phone and connecting with people to let them know that you are a real person that is here to help. Keep it up girl you are the real world in network marketing.

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    Great article Melanie – Attraction marketing is a wonderful concept and has opened up new doors for so many people. Like Ann Sieg, you’ve learned how to apply attraction marketing techniques in both the offline and online worlds.

    Thanks and best wishes,

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    Finally, Someone On The Internet Telling The Truth

    The fastest and best money I have made in network marketing has been through “old school” methods.

    Did I hound? Did I harass? Did I chase? NO!

    Over the past few months, I have been sucked into the “attraction marketing” internet craze and have be feverishly working to generate content and “brand” myself online.

    All the while, wondering why if I’ve made a huge mistake in all but completely abandoning my warm market efforts.

    Thank you Melanie for your honesty in helping me to see the truth.

    Attraction marketing does work…. it works when people add value to the marketplace, online or off.

    All Different But Somehow More Of The Same

    How true, also, that so many people seem to be offering the same thing on the internet.

    How many home business coaches can there be?

    How many free trainings, videos or reports can you sign up for?

    How many lead capture pages can you run in to?

    After a while it all seems to be lumped into the same category with absolutely NO differentiation.

    The BIG Lesson here is….learn to add value. Does value mean offer more of the same? A big fat NO on that one.

    Learn to offer something unique, and different. Learn to offer the best of yourself. Learn to serve the needs of people in the marketplace.

    I believe this will attract business to you regardless of what methods you use.

    Paul Hutchings

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    I have built my business in over 9 countries doing it traditionally (old school) I now embrace online marketing but i continue to build it the “old school”. I don’t think you can go wrong but regardless how you build, if you want retention, loyalty, and long term, at some point, human interaction is a complete must at some point of the process or you will not have retention. Network marketing is all about enrolling & duplicating.

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    Hi Melanie

    Yet again sound no of the hype just answers for those seeking the answer. Your article pointed out so much of the real deal of this industry, and what was suggested “yes” are great resources Dani Johnson and Todd Falcon just to name a few. I would highly recommend if you have not gone to those sites that are suggested here go before your competition gets the info first don’t be left behind. Some great places to start here with Melanie do as she does and watch out because you will go under change if you will allow yourself to be taught and apply what you learn take advantage of all the resources here at this blog and all the suggestions Melanie has to offer a true servant to our industry.

    Oh I must leave this info here for some great resource info for offline that really goes hand in hand to what has been suggested here so if your looking for some really solid proven and outrageous offline marketing help go here:

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    Nice bold review of the old and new school of doing MLM. I think the conclusion to this is that, there are no single answer wether offline MLM tactics is no longer effective..

    But I’m sure you and I know that there are many people right now that is doing MLM in a traditional sense. Few of them got success and the rest falls into the survery which is 90% of network marketers will surely fail..

    If you are successful doing old school method and got success doing it. Fine…That’s good..

    But you can’t hide the fact that there are many people also who are doing all the things that there upline leaders was telling them. But has little or no success.

    What will happen if that’s the case? attrition and network collapse…

    The reason why Online MLM System’s are popular among former old school network marketer is because this system works for them..

    They get results..They earn money..

    One answer is correct..Incorporating the timeless principle of old school MLM + cutting edge technology = great chance of success.

    -Jomer Gregorio


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