Heartless Internet “Network Marketers” Never Achieve Walkaway Residual Income

You’ve read the hype over and over again…

“Enroll Hundreds Of Reps Without Ever Speaking to Anyone”
…and similar phrases of nonsense.

That kind of marketing would lead you to believe that if you just get really good at internet marketing and use it to market your MLM, that you’ll make huge money in your company.

I hate to bust your bubble… actually, no, I’d LOVE to bust your bubble and tell you that is complete nonsense!

Network Marketing is, and always will be an income model that is based on relationship marketing. Those impressive checks from the top earners are earned because they developed leaders in their organizations. They didn’t just mass enroll and see what STUCK. They took the time to invest in those people who would take ownership of their business and work the system in place by the company.

Mass attrition? You will see that if you just enroll people on autopilot and never actually act as their sponsor.  Sponsorship comes with a responsibility to the person who joined your organization. You MUST direct them to the training in place, you must role play with them and make sure they are following the simple, duplicateable system in place by your company.

Enroll hundreds of people and make a ton of cash? What, off of a one time fast start bonus for signing them? What a waste! You will make far more money when you help your recruits to earn a check for themselves. When they continue to work to maintain that check, and to grow it – you finally have leverage.

Have you ever heard this phrase from a Internet MLMer?
“I don’t want to babysit a downline”

If you are properly sponsoring quality people, you will have an organization of incredibly powerful, motivated individuals who you want to spend your time with. They are your TEAM – your greatest asset.

I truly think that those who say they don’t want to babysit are those who don’t want to take the time to develop themselves as a leader. You see, it takes a leader to help develop a leader.

Message to heartless Internet MLMers:

If you are mass- sponsoring into a Network Marketing company with online hype and then just leaving your recruits to some automated training.
If you don’t give your recruits an ounce of your precious time… please just leave MLM alone.

Stop using your internet marketing skills to give our industry a bad name. Every time you enroll someone and let them die on the vine, you just took one more wonderful potential builder from our pool of prospects.

If you have fallen prey to this type of recruiting – but you still have faith in the residual income dream, then find a true MLM leader who will paint a realistic expectation of what it takes to build your business to true walkaway residual income.  This industry is alive and well and producing walkaway residual income for leaders every day.


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    From my experience it is two-fold. You HAVE to ahve a way to talk to people so you need some kind of system to do that BUT what the trap that both newbies and leaders fall into is the “sale theory”.

    For newbies it is more important to make a sale than anything else. They need the money. They don’t take time to screen out the people they wouldn’t want to work with.

    For experienced marketers, they get so good at driving traffic they can afford to just let it fly and see what sticks.

    It takes a lot of work to develop a leader. I know. I have developed many.

    It also can take a long time to find one.

    If you are clear about the type of person you want in your business and you stick to those principles no matter what, then this business becomes a lot easier.

    Congrats on your success Melanie.

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    I had a dream that included you last night; it (you) just represented people of excellence- unity and doing things The Right Way – Thank you so much for your spirit of excellence!

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    Hello Melanie,

    I agree. Network marketing is a people business and it is always going to be built around human interaction. Your downline is going to be as good as you are as a leader in my opinion.

    Great post!

    Keep ‘em coming!


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