Success in Home Based Business Requires a Different Kind of “Balance”

Success in your Home Based Business requires balance in all areas of your life – but not all at the same time! In fact TIME changes altogether when you work from home!

Home Based Business success requires a different mindset when it comes to time, priorities and balance. To be a success in Network Marketing, you will have to learn to think like an entrepreneur, and not an employee!

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Money Frees the Entrepreneur of Time Rules

network marketing successMost people who get started in Network Marketing are programmed with the Monday – Friday 9-5 work week, with weekends off, and a long week of vacation a couple of times a year. If you are inflexible and trying to stick

within that paradigm, you may find your life as an entrepreneur very uncomfortable!

The fact is, as a Home Based Business owner – you live in a different world, with different rules of time/work/vacation! Its a time paradigm that you must get comfortable with and manage properly or you may not succeed.

As entrepreneurs, we have 7 days a week and 24 hours a day to work our business. Depending on the other things in your life you are trying to balance, you may find that you work your business around your kids schedules – or your spouse – and or your workout routine – and even around the time zones of your business partners! You have 24 hours in a day and you may choose to work ANY 8 of those! If you stay stuck in your employee mentality and think that evenings are for dinner and TV… you are not very likely to succeed. If instead you change your rules and realize that your prime production time is in the evenings… and that you get to play during the day while most are at their day jobs, then you will WIN.

You may well lose track of the day of the week- and that is GREAT! The fact is, you will probably have to work hard on the weekend doing parties, events, traveling to help team – etc. But Monday you may get to sleep in and have an empty calendar! Quite a different concept of time management!

WARNING – you may forget what TRAFFIC is like! Know that the majority of the world is stuck in their cars commuting for hours in the morning and evening. If you have an event or a flight to catch- be sure to take this awful road condition into account!

You may have to strip away the meaning of the 5 day work week, of the 9-5 , and that weekends are for family. That a vacation is taken 2 weeks a year and for weeks at a time. Instead, you will learn to create memorable experiences in the time that you do have. You will take mini vacations at certain times of the month – when it is least disruptive to business.

What Balanced Means to a Successful Entrepreneur

Most people have unrealistic expectations of what it takes to live a balanced life. The believe that balance is having everything perfect all the time. That balance is having all of the aspects of your life in perfect little pie pieces of allotted time and that true happiness is when everything is just right. That idea of balance is a ridiculous expectation that you will never fulfill.

Balance is not having everything perfect all the time – its about not lettings tings drop completely! As an entrepreneur, there are times when you must focus on certain aspects of your life more than others, and they may feel neglected for a time – but as long as they don’t completely drop, and there is time to go back to those areas and nurture them – then you are indeed in balance!

In Network Marketing, month end is all out massive action. Leaders refer to it as ‘month end madness’. Families of successful Network Marketers know that the last few days of the month are going to mean less family time – it just has to be so.

On the flip side, parents can attend field trips, spouses can have lunch dates, and afford awesome weekend vacations.  When its truly important that they have ‘off’, they don’t have a boss to report to! That kind of flexibility makes the time working so very worth it!

Success in your home based business is not about balancing everything just so – its about learning how to manage time flexibly so that nothing ever completely drops!




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